What is the purpose of managementstartup.com?

ManagementStartup.com will help you find, buy, and use quickly and efficiently the tools you need for your business activity.

How does managementstartup.com work?

First you have to buy a subscription. After buying a subscription, you can access the tools in any of the categories.

What are the system requirements for managementstartup.com?

Minimum system requirements:
- Internet Explorer 7
- Chrome 10
- Opera 11
- Firefox 5
- Javascript enabled
- Dial-up connection to the internet

Recommended system requirements:
- Internet Explorer 10 or higher
- Chrome 24 or higher
- Opera 12.10 or higher
- Firefox 18 or higher
- Safari 6 or higher
- Maxthon 4 or higher
- Javascript enabled
- Broadband connection to the internet

What do I need to access managementstartup.com?

You need to buy a subscription to access to the tools provided by managementstartup.com. For pricing information and purchasing, see Pricing.

What kind of tools do you provide inside managementstartup.com?

In most of the categories there are tools that you can fill in without a cost, providing that you have registered for our site.

There is a title, description, purpose, type, time required, year builded and frequency of use for every tool. You can also see to which type and size of companies/businesses each tool is addressed to. Finally you can see a detailed description of each tool before buying your subscription.

How can managementstartup.com help me?

Note that the tools provided by managementstartup.com are used globally in the world of business.

What ManagementStartup.com provides is the automated suggestion and advice for the users based on their answers. Therefore, the cost does not lie in using the tools, but in the fact that the user is provided with automated support and advice online without the interaction of third parties.

How are payments processed?

All payments are processed through the secure platform paypal. From time to time more secure payment platforms may be added.

How can I find and choose what I need?

We suggest that you fill in the Business Analysis Tool so that you can evaluate your needs and desires.

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