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The website was created by Online Management Solutions Ltd.

It stands as one of our first creations and it focuses on developing and providing research tools that can help people who are close to their entrepreneurial startup.

Management Startup was created by people with a high educational level and vast experience in the field of research and development of new tools for entrepreneurship.

The staff of Online Management Solutions Ltd is trained on providing services for establishing and developing new entrepreneurial activities, as well as providing online services for businesses, and especially SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

The main office of Online Management Solutions Ltd. is located in the United Kingdom:

5 Argosy Court, Scimitar Way
Whitley Business Park
Coventry CV3 4GA

We offer practical solutions and advice for you and your business through online products and services. Our purpose is to provide help to businesses and entrepreneurs.
We are always ready to answer your questions or hear your suggestions, if you contact us!


Online Management Solutions Ltd, perpetually extending its activities and services, is always looking for people who wish to participate in the entrepreneurial tool development process. Should you wish to cooperate with us, please do not hesitate to send your cv and cover letter to us.



How do affiliates work?

Our affiliate program allows existing subscribers to become affiliates. You need to have an active subscription, and to follow the procedure below:
1. Become an affiliate by contacting us
2. Refer your friends
3. Profit when your friends subscribe to Management Startup

Why should I become an affiliate?
Purchases made through referrals award 30% commission for our affiliates (that’s you!). This means that you will receive 30% of the subscription price that the new subscriber will pay.

How can I become an affiliate?
You will have to contact us.

Suppose I’m an affiliate. How can I profit?
As soon as you are approved for becoming an affiliate of Management Startup, you will receive a unique referral link pointing to our website.
Next, you will have to give that link to your friends or any other people that you think will be interested in subscribing to Management Startup.
Finally, if one of your friend decides to subscribe to Management Startup, you will be entitled to a 30% of the subscription price that he will pay when subscribing.
At the end of each month, all payments towards affiliates are processed. This is when we deposit the money you are entitled to your bank account.

You can use the following material to promote your affiliate links:


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